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The Scotts Bluff County Scanner facebook page has become a popular source of news and emergency alerts for Scottsbluff, Gering, other small towns, and even Alliance and Torrington. Our followers are very loyal with the page growing to over 12,000 followers, with thousands of interactions on individual posts nearly every day. As a Headline Sponsor or Category Sponsor, your logo or name will appear on our facebook Header banner, while all other sponsors are recognized on other areas of the page. www.facebook.com/sbcoscanner

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in existence and the Scotts Bluff County Scanner is on Instagram! As a sponsor, your business is recognized on our Instagram account at least 12 times per year.  www.instagram.com/sbcoscanner

Twitter is known for being one of the fastest sources of news and events around the world.  Scotts Bluff County Scanner Twitter reaches out to bring you the latest tweets from around the State of Nebraska, as it pertains to our 5 major categories of coverage, Police and Crime, Fire and Rescue, Severe Weather, Missing Persons and Property, and Community Safety Alerts. www.twitter.com/sbcoscanner

It is interesting with social media being so prevalent, that we actually get quite a bit of both unique and return visitors on www.scottsbluffcountyscanner.com. In fact, just in the past year this website has been visited by 36,000+ unique visitors with an average day of around 200 unique visitors. Your business will receive prominent recognition on our official website by Hale Multimedia.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone had to the time to sit around and write articles about your business about all the great things you are doing? We believe in positive public relations, honest and upfront. We want to help you keep your business in a positive light around the community. As a sponsor, your business will receive this benefit. www.scottsbluffcountyscanner.com/newsblog.php

The world of podcasting has grown exponentially in just the past few years. However, our founder has been broadcasting on the radio since 1994 and now has over 700 podcasts since 2020. As a major sponsor, we would interview you in a conversation podcast that would then air all over the world, including Scotts Bluff County, via Spotify, Apple, iHeart, Amazon, Alexa, Google podcasts and more! This means that YOUR interview AND your ads will be heard in many places on many platforms. Just another way for us to get our sponsors more exposure! www.diggingdeeper.us/podcast.php

TUNE IN to KDIG via our website or any mobile phone www.blufftalkradio.com
Bluff Talk is about Bluffs. If it's about Bluffs, it could be heard on our fully licensed music station playing the wildest variety of music on the planet! As a sponsor, your interview and your ads will be heard on our LIVE 365 Radio Station.

Listen in, or call in!

Saturday Nights from 9-11pm MST

To be ON THE AIR on BLUFF TALK, call
(308) 635-7271 during our Saturday night conference call, or leave us a message or make a special music request anytime!

Bluff Talk Episodes air on Digging Deeper Radio throughout the week on 
Streaming 24/7 Live 365!

'Scotts Bluff County Scanner' is a private, volunteer, community service organization established in 2009 by Brian Hale at Hale Multimedia and is NOT associated with any government agency. Our mission has always been to keep the public informed in a safe manner while holding our government officials accountable.  Our focus of reporting is on 5 areas; Police and Crime, Fire and Rescue, Severe Weather, Missing Persons and Community Safety Alerts.

What we do;

+ Our live scanner feed is managed by Kenny Smith through our re-broadcast license with our partners at Broadcastify, the official streaming company for all scanner radios across the U.S.

+ Our multiple social media accounts on facebook, instagram, and twitter updated primarily by our Social Media Manager, JoAnn Paramo, assisted by Brian Hale. 

+ Our news blog, podcast, and company website are maintained by Brian Hale, as well as all the business aspects of managing our volunteer organization.

+ Our merchandise store was developed and maintained by Andi Hale.

If you would like to DONATE to the cause of keeping the scanner online and sounding good, please consider a donation of any amount. We accept Credit/Debit Cards, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Square Pay.

Another option is a direct donation via Venmo to @scannerman - or you may also make a check out to our Treasurer, Kenny Smith, 935 10th St, Gering, NE 69341.

Scotts Bluff County Scanner Social Media Policy

Our goal has always been to contribute to the community in a positive way. We are not doing this to entertain or appease anyone in particular. We DO NOT have a hidden agenda. We are simply a group of volunteers providing a live source of information that flows very quickly.

It IS ACCEPTABLE to point out important errors or omissions, so as to serve the community with the most accurate and timely information.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to attack, or make our admins feel attacked, by using words that are not edifying, and are in no positive way contributing to the betterment of our community. Contribute, don't criticize.

​It is our policy, at the discretion of our volunteer admins, that anyone found badgering, criticizing or otherwise trolling can, and will be, blocked from being able to access our social media feeds.

​Repeated or serious offenders may also have their ip address blocked from being able to access our website and potentially other streaming options through our broadcast partners.

Please understand that Hale Multimedia is the signal provider for the ONLY streaming feed available online for SBCO, so if you lose this privilege you would have to purchase a physical scanner (averaging $300+) to be able to listen to the live signal.

​If you find yourself blocked, you may file an appeal below or by emailing scanner@halemultimedia.com

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