Our Policy on Social Media

Our goal has always been to contribute to the community in a positive way. We are not doing this to entertain or appease anyone in particular. We DO NOT have a hidden agenda. We are simply a group of volunteers providing a live source of information that flows very quickly.

It IS ACCEPTABLE to point out important errors or omissions, so as to serve the community with the most accurate and timely information.

It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to attack, or make our admins feel attacked, by using words that are not edifying, and are in no positive way contributing to the betterment of our community. Contribute, don't criticize.

​It is our policy, at the discretion of our volunteer admins, that anyone found badgering, criticizing or otherwise trolling can, and will be, blocked from being able to access our social media feeds.

​Repeated or serious offenders may also have their ip address blocked from being able to access our website and potentially other streaming options through our broadcast partners.

Please understand that Hale Multimedia is the signal provider for the ONLY streaming feed available online for SBCO, so if you lose this privilege you would have to purchase a physical scanner (averaging $300+) to be able to listen to the live signal.

​If you find yourself blocked, you may file an appeal below or by emailing scanner@halemultimedia.com

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